Julio 2015.

  1. Tranquil Elephantatizer Zombie Dawn [Difinitive]
  2. Franck Roger Toddifiy [Home Invasion]
  3. Hector Couto Behind [Get Physical]
  4. Diego Krause Right About Now [Apollonia]
  5. Hector Moralez Catching Feelings [Material]
  6. System 2 South Central (Politics Of Dancing Remix) [Politics Of Dancing]
  7. Julien Sandre Just Me (Nail Dub) [Blind Box]
  8. Hector Moralez Ten 30 One 33″ (DJ Sneak Remix) [Roush]
  9. Tuccillo Take My Joy (Dub) [Ovum]
  10. Sante Graveyardshift (Feat Hector Moralez) [VIVa MUSiC]