Best Of 2014 Chart.

  1. The Cube Guys La Verite [D-Vision]
  2. Steve Angello Wasted Love (The Cube Guys Remix) [Size]
  3. Marlos Hoffstadt Shake That (Mark Knight Remix) [Play It Down]
  4. The Cube Guys Hey You! [X Rec]
  5. Marco Santoro My Body (The Cube Guys Mix) [Cube Recordings]
  6.  Taras Van De Voorde Chasing Winters [Suara]
  7. Patrick Topping Forget [Hot Creations]
  8. Time Square Follow The Sun (The Cube Guys Remix) [Cube Recordings]
  9. Ten Walls Walking With Elephants [Atlantic]
  10. The Cube Guys Everyday Of My Life [Cube Recordings]